Kate Spade, a brand from New York has a factory located in Masoro, Rwanda. 

This lady, along with three other women put together the little details later to be assembled onto bags which are then shipped to the USA for sale. 

The factory is sectioned in three parts


1) the cutting room where all materials are cut into specific sizes and shapes.  

2) a room dedicated to creating the little details of the bags, for example tassels, zippers, and straps. ​


3) a beautifully spacious room where all the different pieces are combined and bags are put together. 

The bags are made from scratch up until quality control and then shipped to the US. The Kate Spade factory was built beautifully and has opened several jobs for women around the community. Their work is not only paid off in the factory, it exceeds out into their community, where they are provided with programs such as English and finance. 

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